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Let’s Eradicate Poverty

Best NGOs In Ahmedabad


Donate Your Old Clothes

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, it would be better to give it to a needy person.

Donate Your Old Furniture

Donate it to the poor people, which is not of your use or you find something unhelpful.

Donate Your Extra Foods

After eating our food, whatever is left in the plate, if we save it, then maybe nobody will be hungry.

What do you want to Donate?

Donate 100% Verified and Best NGO in Ahmedabad. Accepting all kind of household, foods. Here we share about old clothes donation pickup near me. If you are happy to donate, then here we are sharing information about some best NGOs In Ahmedabad.

Best NGOs in Ahmedabad for Internship

Saath Charitable Trust Ahmedabad

About Saath Charitable Trust – Saath (which in Hindi/Gujarati means ‘together, co-operation, a collective or support’), founded in 1989, is an NGO in India registered as a Public Charitable Trust and is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Saath closely works with the deprived communities and empowers the socially marginalized by providing them livelihood services, and imparting skills leading to employment, health and education facilities. Saath focuses on livelihood services, child rights, human rights, young girls’ education, skill development and other community services.

Type Of Donation – You can donate old clothes for kids, woman and man, Toys, Utensils, Groceries, Furniture, Books and Girls, Boys School Dresses More.

If you are keen, you can contact them over the phone and they will provide you with a list of things that the might require now.

Address – O/102 Nandanvan, Near Prerna Tirth Dehrasar, Ahmedabad – 380015

Mobile Number

+91 7926929827

Friends Care Foundation Ahmedabad

About Friends Care Foundation – Friends Care Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization established under Society Registration Act, 1860 and The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. Organization mainly aims in benefiting underprivileged children and their families through various projects on healthcare, education, nutrition, shelter, livelihood, women empowerment, child protection, and other social issues. Friends Care Foundation’s aims sustainable development by improving social-economic conditions through healthcare, vocational training, education, livelihood development, self governance and women as well as children’s human rights

Type Of Donation – They accept monetary contributions as well as donation in kind. You can donate old clothes, Toys, Utensils, Furniture and even Books.

If you are keen, you can contact them over the phone and they will provide you with a list of things that the might require now.

Address – 703, 7th Floor, Corporate House, Sonarda, Ahmedabad – 380009

Mobile Number

+91 7600999977

Manav Kartavya Ahmedabad

About Manav Kartavya – Founded in 2015, Manav Kartavya is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to helping disadvantaged beings. Each day represents a fresh opportunity to share our Vision of creating, ‘The Advantaged Society’; and to live our purpose of empowering the possibilities for economically weaker communities by supporting them with basic necessities such as education, food, health, shelter, etc. to empower them to take charge of their own future as our Mission.

Type Of Donation – Apart from clothes that are in usable condition, you are free to donate school stationery, books, toys, dry ration, old newspapers, magazines, woolens, office equipment, furniture.

If you are keen, you can contact them over the phone and they will provide you with a list of things that the might require now.

Address – 51-B, Someshwara Bungalows, Ahmedabad – 380015

Mobile Number

+91 7948007195 | +91 9726168133

Sense International India

About Sense International India – Back in 1997, there was only one school in India providing education and other services to 23 children with deafblindness, in a country where there are an estimated 500,000 children and adults with this multi-sensory disability. To address this dire need, Sense India was established in 1997 as the first national NGO in India to support the development of comprehensive services and training for people with deafblindness. Currently Sense India is working in 23 States of India through a network of 59 partner NGOs. Our work is transforming the lives of more than 78,000+ people with deafblindness- from isolation and neglect to communication, interaction and self-esteem.

Type Of Donation –They accept ONLY monetary contributions that are used to support the various causes they are involved with. You can support by sponsoring food for a day, month or annually or sponsoring a child’s education.

If you are keen, you can contact them over the phone and they will provide you with a list of things that the might require now.

Address – 2nd Floor, Andhajan Mandal, Ahmedabad – 380015

Mobile Number

+91 7926301282


Make a donation on the birthday of one of your loved ones or on the birthday of your child or in the joy of his or her birth.

When you are changing your house, donate extra clothes and household items to help the needy and also remove the unwanted items from the house.

Advice For Donating Old Clothes and Household Items

Two time food,water to drink,clothes to wear and roof over head – These are the basic needs of us humans. The irony is that there is a section in our country that has no shortage of resources and they feel that the world is very beautiful and comfortable. On the other hand,there is a section which is engaged in the struggle day and night to somehow meet these basic needs.

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the able people who are useful to serve the needy. There is no need to do much for this, but even small steps can bring big changes. Such as donating clothes,household, and foods. Yes, we all have many such clothes that we never wear, just store them in the cupboard.

If we bring these clothes to any needy, then it will be great help for them. Now the question comes, where and how can one donate clothes?


Separates Clothes

First collect all the clothes from your wardrobe that you do not wear at all. Separate torn or worn out clothes from them. The rest are the right clothes that you can use if you give it to someone, keep the clothes for donation. After doing this, whichever needy will get your clothes, a smile will come on their face.


Give Clothes A New Look

Now instead of throwing some of the torn clothes left in the dustbin, you can make more new things from them. Remember that it takes several litters of water to make a piece of cloth. Organization like swachh do not just collect clothes to donate, but they also upcycle some clothes. That means making bags,scarves etc. with an old cloth. You can do this work yourself.




Always Wash and Donate Clothes

By the way, many best NGOs in Ahmedabad donate clothes to people only by washing them. But if you wash them, they will save a lot of time. Apart from the outfits, if you are giving clothes to anyone on your own then wash it because you do not know if they have the means of washing and drying clothes.



Donate Clothes According To The Season

Keep the weather in mind before giving clothes to anyone. During the winter it is better to give blankets, sweaters or other warm clothes. In the summer, you can donate light cotton clothes.


Take Care Choose Best NGOs In Bangalore

If you want to donate clothes through a social organization, do online research. Choose the organization that is really working for the people. Like Goonj, Sneha Sadan, Wishing Well, Green Yatra, Shanti Avedana Ashram ! Many Organization come to get clothes from your own, So many times you have to go to their own places and give them clothes.

You can view the organization according to your city so that you are comfortable. We are sharing with you the names of city wise organization, you can see at the top of the page or search old clothes donation pickup near me. Hopeful that will be help you.

Best NGOs in Ahmedabad FAQs

Who will pick up donation in my location?

Best Donation Pick Organization In Your Location To Donation Organization Place

  • Safety Cargo Movers And Packers
  • Goodwill
  • Pick Please
  • Salvation Army
  • Furniture Bank
Where to donate old clothes near me?

Best NGO’s

  • Goonj
  • Sads India
  • Green Drop
  • Salvation Army
  • Furniture Bank
Who Will Pick Up Furniture Near Me?
  • Safety Cargo Movers And Packers
  • Sads India
Where Can I Donate food Items?

NGO For Foods Items

  • Uday Foundation
  • No Food Wast
  • Feeding India 
who is best NGOs in Ahmedabad?

Best NGOs in Bangalore.

  1. Friends Care Foundation
  2. Manav Kartavya
  3. Sense International India

We Recommend You

” Whenever people ask us about donating clothes, we always advise them not to give very old and torn clothes. This makes them easier while shorting clothes. Best NGO’s in Bangalore collect clothes as well as old books, utensils etc. So ask before donating once.”

Now that you know where and how to donate clothes, household, food, start collecting and keeping your clothes today itself. Share this information with your friends and acquaintances too. One step yours can feel a lot of happiness in someone’s life.