Storage Service

Storage/Warehouse Service

Timely Pest Control

We use paste control from time to time so that rats and kokros do not occur. We have made racks so that the mice cannot touch the stuff.

Excellent Warehouse Facility

We have a large size warehouse. It has facilities for water, electricity etc. Racks is made to keep the stuff in them.

24/7 Security & CCTV Camera

Security Guard is in our warehouse all the time. No one, except our member, can enter. The warehouse remains under surveillance of the CCTV camera.

Household Storage Service

We specializes in household storage at cheap prices. The reason is that we have our own warehouse and packing team. Many people go to other cities and countries to increase their business or to do some emergency work for the time being. They cannot take their belongings with them because they have to come back there. If you can’t keep it in the house also, then you will get monthly rent, which is very much. If you take the goods with you, then you will have to come back again, which will be double demanded. In such a situation, we will help you a lot. Because we have taken the warehouse for your help. What are you thinking, keep us in our warehouse and use your money in the right place. If you need best household storage service, then you must tell us. We will serve according to your wish.

Personal Storage

Your item is very precious and delicate, you are not ready to give it to everyone for storage service. We have a solution for that. We will keep your personal belongings exactly as you had kept them. Whether it is to be kept for a long time or for a short time. Because we know how much you love your stuff. We will keep him as dearly in our warehouse. When you need it, then you tell us 2 days in advance, we will take it to your house. According to your time.



Documents Storage

Every business and human being has its own important documents. Which they are made once. Suppose if we go missing then what will we do. Don’t worry, we know how important the documents are and how to keep them safe. You can keep all types of papers, files and business papers safe in our place. Because for this we have special type of box and place.


Why We Are Different

We use special types of technology. Which are explained below one by one.

  • We provide storage services cheaper than other companies.
  • We use special packing materials for all types of items.
  • 24/7 security guard at the warehouse door.
  • The warehouse is always under surveillance of the CCTV cameras.
  • Always have fire equipment.
  • Door pick-up door delivery service.
  • Price according to your belongings or space.
  • Spraying of Pest Control from time to time.