Car And Bike Transportation

Car And Bike Relocation Service

Car Relocation

We have our own car carrier vehicle. We do car transport work all over India.

Bike Relocation

We are able to transport two wheeler’s. Anytime anywhere in India.

Affordable Logistics

We do car and bike transportation at very cheap prices and on time.

Car Relocation Service

Car relocation is a big challenge in itself. We get confused about what to believe and what not. Because there are some companies that promise to go to the car carriers and take the by road. We do not know because they wash the car at the time of delivery and remove the kilo-miters wire. Some days we drive the car, then we find that the car needs service. Because the service oil in it is very less. Then the service guy tells us that the car has been driven long enough. Stay away from such people and give your beloved car to a good company who is able to take the car from carriers. Give us a chance to serve you, we will work according to your needs. We have our own car carriers. Because we work with Maruti Suzuki. We have been working for years to get their new cars from one city to another. We need 2,3 cars daily. To load our car carriers in full. If you love your car and want to protect it, then we are as far as a call from you.You are like God to us. We know how to worship our God.


Bike Relocation Service

We relocate all types of bikes. We pack the bike well and load it in a vehicle. We use some different types of material for packing bikes. Which prevents any type of damage and scratches. Our packing team is capable of packing every type of bike. When we will not load the bike properly in the vehicle. So the chances of his Damages are very high. After loading in the vehicle it is necessary to close the bike with rope. We have a good knowledge of bike relocation. That’s why we guarantee you a excellent car and bike Transport service.


Documents We Need For Car and Bike Relocation Service

  • Registration copy (xerox copy)
  • Insurance copy (xerox copy)
  • pollution (xerox copy)
  • Car and bike owner ID (xerox copy)
  • We need 10 Ltr. oil in the car
  • Do not keep petrol in the bike tank.
  • We do not need a bike key.