Home Relocation

Household Relocation Services

Secure Transportation

For ensuring total safety of your valuable goods during in transit. All vehicle GPRS fitted with professional drivers. We provide you secure transportation service loading point to unloading point.

Safe Packing & Unpacking

You don’t have to worry a bit about packing and unpacking. we packed all items with quality packing material.We have special packing material for all types of fragile items. Our packing crews have long experience on this industry. 

Carefully Loading & Unloading

Loading and unloading goods from a truck is not as simple as it seems. We Load heavy items with Forklifts machine and other equipment’s. Our man power know how to load fragile and heavy goods in the truck.

Local Home Relocation

Home relocation to a new place can be a daunting task, whether you relocate within the same city or just across the street. The burden of this task can be reduced with a great margin if you have the help and support of a reliable home relocation company. We, with the team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, offers you the best packing and moving services.

When you plan to shift, you take upon the stress of packing each and every household item. From categorizing kitchen appliances to sorting the living room’s furniture, all of this can become too much for you.

Our extensive range of services takes care of every minute detail of your shifting to make your experience and life easier and memorable. We keep your schedule and convenience as our prime priority. We customize the services as per your needs and wants. From sorting every household goods in an organized manner to packing them with precision; from labels to loading; from transportation to unloading and unpacking – we take care of everything as per your demands.

To trust strangers for taking care of your personal items is not an easy step to take, and we understand this. Hence, we give utmost respect to your belief in us and provide you a set of skilled and proficient crew, who have years of experience and expertise in handling all kinds of relocation’s. From delicate items to expensive goods, the packing and moving services we provide you guarantee complete safety and security of everything. We have been the epitome of efficiency, excellence, and quality for years now. Our myriad numbers of happy and content customers are the testament of our work.

Domestics Home Relocation

We offers unparalleled domestic relocation services to suit your schedule and budget. No matter how busy your schedule is, our customization domestic relocation solutions will give you the freedom to effortlessly manage your priorities before and after you move.

With our comprehensive domestic relocation services, we make relocating a hassle free process for you. We are well equipped to handle even the most demanding relocation challenges.

Our trained crew will ensure that all your possessions and assets are handled with care and transported safely to the destination.

We offer competitive pricing options and tips on moving items. We also work with several corporate’s on their mass employee relocation programmers, offering cost effective solutions.

Our years of experience & expertise enable us to serve you securely in moving your prized possessions. From packing and loading to transporting and placing items in the new location, we take care of everything.

Our domestic relocation services include the following:-

  • Pre-relocation survey
  • Door to Door (full moving) service & personalized services
  • Use of superior quality packing materials
  • Use of superior quality packing materials
  • A team of expert and experienced packers to pack your possessions
  • Personalized loading and unloading services
  • Personalized unpacking and rearranging services
  • Safe and secure transfer of goods at respective destinations
  • Every step carried out under excellent supervision
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Complete value for money

International Relocation

International relocation from India to another country is never easy as it uproots you from a social and cultural milieu that you have been accustomed to and puts you in the midst of an unknown and new milieu. This could seem to be intimidating, disturbing and frightening.
To mitigate these fears and smoother the process of relocation these essential points must be kept in mind:

Proper Planning
Every country has its own rules and regulations so you must make a conscious effort to become familiar with the rules governing the country you are planning to move.

For example, if you are moving to the UK you cannot take rough diamonds with you as they are banned. Similarly, if you have a firearm and want to take it to the UK you will have to get a special licence before it can be taken to the UK. People found contravening these rules could face deportation and or criminal prosecution.
An easy way to gather all relevant information is to contact the appropriate embassy or consulate and gain information on:

  • Visas and permits
  • Insurance
  • Vaccination for self and family members
  • Vaccination and quarantines for pets
  • Restrictions or taxes on shipped household items
  • Taxes for shipping your vehicle

This exercise must be done with plenty of time in hand. You must act on this information and file for passports, visas and other necessary permits well in time as these things take time and yes, of course, do book your air ticket in advance.

Checklist of relevant documents :

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Vaccination, medical and dental records
  • Insurance policies
  • Academic records
  • Employment records
  • Proof of residence (Utility bill, Bank statement, etc).
  • International driving licence

Find a reliable international relocation companies
You are going to a new country hence it is of utmost importance that the relocation company you choose has the necessary experience and expertise of relocation to the country in question.
Before zeroing in on a particular relocation company you must compare prices and services offered by various relocation company. Ask relevant questions like the schedule of delivery, unloading practices etc.
You might require some additional services in your new country like house cleaning, reassembly of equipment, handyman service and so on. Ask your relocation company if he caters for these services. If you can, talk to friends, colleague and even previous customers of the relocation company to gain first-hand knowledge.

Get a detailed contract
Never leave anything to chance. Get all terms and conditions penned down including all costs and details so that you are spared any unpleasant surprises at the last moment.

Cancellations and payment of dues
You should consider cancelling utilities like electricity, water, telephone, including mobile, gas and internet connection well in advance and pay all outstanding dues for the same.
Cancel your subscription to associations, courses, periodical, magazines etc.
Give your new address to your friends and family
Redirect your mail through the Post Office
Inform tax authorities that you are leaving the country
Close your bank accounts if you do not wish to operate them

Research the country you are moving to
Know about its history, people customs and practices so that you can smoother the cultural shock and assimilate better. Like if you are relocating to Turkey you must know that the landlord/ renter relationship is not heavily regulated and you may need to negotiate with him/her for household items or goods of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos are banned in Dubai.

If you plan relocate other country then your very own relocation service provider.